Villa Polito is a prestigious residence overlooking the bay of San Montano in Ischia, just a 5-minute walk from the famous Negombo Thermal Park and the Lacco Ameno square. The villa is located between the municipality of Lacco Ameno and the municipality of Forio. It is certainly one of the most suggestive places on the island. A few steps away is the historic center of Lacco Ameno with one of the most important attractions of the island: the museum of Villa Arbusto which houses the famous "Nestor's Cup". 

How to reach Ischia


Ischia is located in a strategic point in the Mediterranean. It is connected with the ports of Naples Molo Beverello and Naples Porta di Massa and Pozzuoli, with runs active all year round. It is also connected to Sorrento, Capri and Salerno. There is also the port of Mergellina, currently not functioning. There are two types of trips to and from Naples: hydrofoils and ferries. The hydrofoils are only for passenger transport, faster, which only take about 45 minutes to reach Ischia from the mainland. Some hydrofoils make a stop on the island of Procida, so they take about 10-15 minutes longer than direct hydrofoils. Ferries are for both people and cars. They can be direct or with a stopover in Procida and take, from Naples, from 1 hour and 40 to about 2 hours. From Pozzuoli there are only ferries and take about 1 hour.The Villa Polito Staff offers the possibility to book ferries and hydrofoils in ticketless mode with the voucher exchange at the ticket office.

Arriving by car

From all over Italy follow the signs for Naples (A1 motorway). For those embarking from Pozzuoli: take the Tangenziale di Napoli towards Pozuoli and exit at Via Campana, go all the way and follow the signs for the port. For those embarking from Naples: continue on the highway until you reach the exit "Scali Marittimi" or "Napoli Porto", if you have not made the reservation for the maritime ticket you will have to continue along Via Marina (with high traffic risk) and, following directions, access the port area from the "Varco Pisacane", if instead you have already purchased the ticket in advance, exiting the highway you can easily reach the boarding points without passing through the city by accessing the "Varco Bausan" and following the indications that you will find along the way. In any case, you can choose the route that best suits your needs from www.viamichelin.it or from the suppliers of directions you prefer. We also strongly recommend that you book the maritime passage especially in the high season from June to September or during Bridges and Holidays as you can incur long waits at the boarding points if you do not have a travel ticket purchased prematurely.

Arriving by flight 

The nearest airport is Naples Capodichino, connected to the port of Naples (both Beverello and Porta di Massa) by public transport and taxi. The staff of Villa Polito can book the train with you and offer you the best prices for a flight + hotel package in Ischia + transfer. It takes about 20 minutes by car. The most used public transport is the Alibus. The cost of the ticket is € 3 if you buy in tobacconists. It can also be purchased on board but the cost is increased. We are not responsible for any changes in schedules or suspensions and changes in the terms of service. In order not to worry, we invite you to take advantage of our booking service for private transfers from the airport to the port and vice versa or even from the airport to the hotel in Ischia with the sea passage included in the price. In the high season, we strongly recommend booking the hydrofoil or ferry as there may also be availability problems for passengers, especially for hydrofoils.

Arriving by train

The most important railway station in Naples is Napoli Piazza Garibaldi which is connected to the ports both by public transport and by taxi. It takes about 10 minutes by car. Even for those arriving by train the best choice is always the complete transfer to Ischia. The staff of Villa Polito can book the train for you and offer you the best prices for a train + hotel package in Ischia + transfer.

Ischia... "L'isola verde"

Ischia is located at the western end of the Gulf of Naples, in front of the Phlegrean Fields and is the largest of the islands of volcanic origin and one of the most renowned marine and tourist hydro-thermo-climatic stations in Italy and the world. An area of 46.33 square kilometers, distributed in six municipalities: Ischia, Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno, Forio, Serrara Fontana, Barano with as many mayors and municipal councils. It rises from the bottom of the sea for 1,300 meters of which only 788 emerge on the surface. Called Isola Verde, for the bursting "Mediterranean" vegetation that characterizes it, and Isola della Salute, for the wealth of thermal springs with which the subsoil is rich, Ischia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world, attracted by the charm of a place that contains nature and culture, traditions and modernity, history and myth. The coasts are very indented and characterized by suggestive promontories and enchanting coves, beautiful bays and romantic coves, some of which can only be reached by boat. Visiting the island in a single day is a difficult but not impossible undertaking, thanks to the Ischia Tour The Staff of Villa Polito. It is possible to spend a whole day (or even half of it), traveling around the island of Ischia, moving on comfortable and modern buses, with a splendid itinerary that touches the six municipalities of the island and its most suggestive points. There are also thematic and special tours of the island of Ischia, tours for children and families and tours of the island by boat, catamaran or sailboat. In Ischia it is also possible to practice diving, snorkeling in all the municipalities of the island and in particular in Sant'Angelo and trekking in the mountains.


It is the most densely populated municipality, suitable for those who love social life and elegant shops as well as relaxation and sea life. To see: Aragonese Castle, Museum of the Sea, Guevara Tower (known as Michelangelo's). Beaches: Fishermen's Beach, Cartaromana Beach, English Beach, Lido Beach, Small San Pancrazio Beach accessible only by sea.

Casamicciola Terme

The town owes its fame to its spas, among the oldest in Italy, already exploited in Greek-Roman times. The Marina is the most popular area with the square very close to the port and the only beach in the town. Suitable for those who want everything at hand and convenient for those who want to go around the island because it is very well connected to all the other municipalities, especially if you choose the hotels in the center. To see: Castiglione thermal park, Geophysical Observatory, Monte Rotaro with the crater of the Cretaio. Beaches: Marina.

Lacco Ameno

The smallest town on the island but not for this reason of less importance and beauty (it owes its current name to the ancient Romans who called it Locus Amenus or enchanting place). It has a nice center with a long course and the large Piazza Santa Restituta, in front of the homonymous Church, the Archaeological Museum and the Town Hall. Known for the presence of large hotels and the attendance of numerous VIPs during the tourist season. Suitable for those who want to experience the holiday halfway between worldliness and the artistic and landscape beauties. To see: Archaeological excavations of Santa Restituta, Pithecusae Archaeological Museum inside the complex of Villa Arbusto, Negombo thermal park. Also worth seeing is the "Mushroom", a characteristic mushroom-shaped rock that is the symbol of the municipality and where a race of lizards unique in the world lives, present only here and on the Faraglioni of Capri. Beaches: San Montano, small beaches located along the main street.


This town is located on the side of the island very suggestive and renowned for its landscapes, for the extraordinary beauty of nature in all its aspects from the beaches to the woods and also for its historic center with numerous churches and towers. Suitable for those who love nature and want something more than a normal holiday resort: beach and spa life is enriched with cultural ideas, botanical with the gardens, naturalistic with trekking and walking. To see: The Colombaia of Luchino Visconti, Ravino Gardens, La Mortella, Torrione, Basilica of San Vito, Church of Soccorso (Santa Maria della Neve), Bay of Sorgeto, Poseidon thermal park. Beaches: Citara, Cava dell'Isola (the most suitable for a young audience), San Francesco, Sorgeto, Chiaia.

Serrara Fontana

It is the municipality in the mountains of the island: it is striking because it completes the naturalistic wealth of the island of Ischia with its forests and suggestive panoramas that can be enjoyed thanks to its elevated position. Within the territory of the municipality, we also find Sant’Angelo, a small and picturesque fishing village on the sea. Classic Mediterranean landscape with the marina, enriched by very chic shops, restaurants and bars in the main square and along the small and typical streets of the village. Suitable for those who want to experience the holiday by completely forgetting the metropolitan environments and relaxing in the shade of a palm tree or by the sea or in a typical restaurant. It is certainly the most exclusive place on the island. What to see: Torre di Sant’Angelo, Summit of Monte Epomeo, Belvedere di Serrara. Beaches: Cava Ruffano, Cava Grado and the beach along the isthmus of Sant'Angelo, the Tropical Thermal Park and the Aphrodite-Apollon Thermal Park.


Between the mountains and the sea, the municipality of Barano boasts the largest beach on the island: the Maronti. It also has very suggestive nature trails. To see: Maronti beach, Nitrodi spring, Ancient Roman baths of Cava Scura, pine forest of Fiaiano.